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Student Support

Student Support is a team of staff, dedicated to providing both personal and academic support to students throughout their time at Banovallum School.  The key focus of the department is student welfare, ensuring students receive the personal support necessary to allow them to engage in effective learning and reach their full potential.  Within this, Student Support also serve as a central communication point for family engagement, often serving as a first point (along with Form Tutors) of contact for parents and carers. 

We offer a wide range of services, both internal and external.  Student Support are responsible for coordinating the student Peer Mentors, a Young Carers group, the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and our newly established LGBT group.  We also promote and utilise other support systems in school, including personal counselling sessions, behaviour modification programmes and anger management intervention. 

Mr S Curtis, Deputy Headteacher, SLE and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms Kay Marshall- Family Welfare Officer, Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Miss Nicola Spafford - Student Support Assistant

Miss Jess Gray - Student Support Assistant

Mrs Jo Morton- Student Support Assistant

Mrs Anne Northam- Attendance Officer