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Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural (SMSC)

SMSC stands for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural. The four elements are not specific subjects but are practised in every lesson, by all members of staff, both teaching and non-teaching. SMSC helps students understand they live in a multi-cultural society and that they are a ‘citizen of the world’.

The system has been introduced through assemblies and pupils have been involved throughout, including a competition across the school’s year groups and houses to come up with winning designs for the ‘cards of praise’. These are the cards that will be posted home in recognition of a student’s contribution to SMSC – examples would be the recent charity events held in school.

As part of the “colours” scheme, students can be awarded half colours and full colours for SMSC.

The pupils and staff at Banovallum are fabulous at SMSC. They do a lot of it without realising. It is their attitudes and values that help give Banovallum the special ethos that so many visitors comment on. 

- Mrs Hunter, SMSC coordinator