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Learning Support

Banovallum School’s SEN Parent Support Meetings are open to all parents whether or not their child has a diagnosis of autism. The group provides a listening ear and a safe space to speak about your experiences of Special Educational Needs, with a coffee or tea!

This is what we can do:

  • Share our experiences
  • Share things that work,
  • Celebrate success,
  • Meet other parents,
  • Discuss issues/current challenges,
  • Increase knowledge and understanding.

Why we do it? 

To reduce feelings of ‘being on your own’ and provide an opportunity for outside agencies and professionals to meet with parents to discuss the services they provide.  The SENCO will be present to answer any queries.

Resource evening – a friendly fun evening!

  • Learn about Social Stories, Comic Strip conversations, ‘PEERS’ and the 5 point scale.
  • Take a look at some resources that can help with organisation.
  • Share your experiences of what has worked/not worked.
  • Look at how to adapt the resources to the needs of your child – guidance available in session.