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Banovallum LGBT(Q+) was launched in February 2016 and offers group support to students who identify as part of the LGBT community.  At Banovallum School, we wanted to provide an opportunity for our LGBT students to unite, share experiences and offer peer support to each other in a safe and accepting environment.  Banovallum LGBT is a student led group, involving minimal teacher input, and the students are very proactive in both publicising and running the group week to week.  Our LGBT students are ambitious and have set their own targets for the academic year, starting with an assembly to celebrate LGBT both in school and the wider community.  The students have also planned a series of events for LGBT History Month in February.  

Students do not have to identify as part of the LGBT community to attend the group – many students just want to show their support by attending and taking part in events. 

National statistics show that more school students are bullied each year because others suspect them of being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.  Statistics also show that students who are open about their sexuality and/or gender are much less likely to be bullied.  By providing a forum for students to be open about their sexuality and/or gender has opened up a positive dialogue within our school for all students.  Our LGBT community has a voice and other students have a greater understanding of the community and what they stand for.