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Friends of Banovallum

Friends of Banovallum

As parents/ carers of children attending the school, we are all automatically part of The Friends of Banovallum School – and this also extends to grandparents, friends and ex-parents/ pupils.

The funds are used in many ways to benefit the children, including subsidising school trips, purchasing items not provided by the Local Authority, and “luxuries” for the school.

We have two key methods of fundraising:

Monthly ‘Gift Aid’ donation

Making a small donation by a standing order from your bank not only helps provide a steady flow of funds needed by the school, but if you are a UK tax payer it also allows us to claim back the tax on the donations. This substantially increases the amount raised without costing you a penny more. That means if you were to donate £2 a month, we could actually receive £30 over the year instead of £24.

The minimum donation is £2 per month but if you would like to give more, please feel free to do so.

If you have any questions please contact the school office.

When you have completed the attached form, please send it to “The Friends of Banovallum School” via the school and we will do the rest.

Many thanks for considering this method of support.

Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions

If you have a Lincolnshire Co-op card you can choose to have Friends of Banovallum School as your community champion and then every time you use your card, as well as you getting your dividend, the Co-op will match it and donate the same amount to the Friends of Banovallum. This will appear on your receipt. You can either link your card to Friends of Banovallum by visiting and click on ‘Choose my own charity’ or by completing the attached slip.

Thank you for your support.


Committee for 2017/18 are:

Name Role
Chair Stuart Hoyle
Treasurer Heather Walton
Secretary Kim McNab