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The Aim, Aspire, Achieve 5 Year Curriculum

Moral Purpose

Governors, School Leaders and Staff at Banovallum School have the highest aspirations for the students at Banovallum School. Despite the selective nature of education in our location, we do not see that as a barrier for our students. Therefore, the purpose of the curriculum at Banovallum School is to provide our students with a broad and deep curriculum which will enable them to take the next steps in their learning journey as self-confident and inquisitive life-long learners.

From the outset, therefore, it is vital that all staff imbue the students with the highest of aspirations and accept nothing less than the highest standards in terms of commitment; attendance; appearance and presentation. This will be communicated to students and parents/carers at every opportunity to ensure that our core message of Aim, Aspire, Achieve is understood by everyone.

The students begin their five-year journey to success the moment they enter the school. They are being prepared for their GCSE or equivalent courses by means of their flightpaths and these will inform the choices made at the option stage of their Banovallum career. Key to the students’ development is the broad range of extra-curricular, leadership and social opportunities available to all students. These range from prefect roles and anti-bullying mentors through to sports captains. Trips and visits both at home and abroad are crucial to broadening the cultural experience for the students. For those less confident in social situations, we operate the Hive lunchtime club and offer the PEERS qualification.

Nature of the Curriculum

Students will follow a broad and balanced curriculum covering all the entitlements to suit their specific requirements. To this end, students entering Year 7 with low numeracy and literacy scores on entry will receive core intervention to improve these areas and enable them to access the curriculum as they progress.

Students will be advised as to their Options at the end of Year 8 to ensure that they are on the correct individual pathway. They benefit from a rigorous support programme to ensure they make the correct option choices, this consists of: Individual subject presentations; a Parental information evening involving a subject market stall; 1 to 1 mentoring via individual tutors; 1 to 1 discussions with subject teachers; discussions with SLT when appropriate and an Options Brochure detailing all subject information and requirements. Those students whose targets, current and prior performance would suggest that they follow a traditional academic pathway will be encouraged to follow the Ebacc route. Those students for whom a reduced curriculum may be appropriate will be accommodated.


Depth & Breadth of the Curriculum

The five-year plan for the curriculum will allow for the students to study their chosen examination subjects and the school to offer in-depth enrichment opportunities by enabling activities to take place across subjects in cultural centres which enhance the work going on in the classroom. These will be able to take place against a backdrop where there is less time pressure on subjects to cover the subject content.

Additionally, we will aim to offer extension qualifications to provide the necessary stretch and challenge for students with high prior attainment.