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Business Studies


Course Content

We cover 6 main areas of focus within Business Studies which are as follows:

1.            Business in the real world

2.            Influences on business

3.            Business operations

4.            Human resources

5.            Marketing

6.            Finance


Students will be assessed with two examinations each weighted to provide 50% of the overall mark.

•             Paper 1 – Influences of operations and HRM on business activity – 90 marks 1hour 45 minutes.

•             Paper 2 – Influence of marketing and finance on business activity – 90 marks 1hour 45 minutes.

Useful Websites.

AQA useful advice and course examples from the exam board.

BBC News – - useful way of keeping up to date with the latest events linking to the classroom environment.

BBC Bitesize - - Resourceful revision source for students to understand key topics covered.