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Autism Information

As part of Banovallum School’s on-going commitment to the support of students on the autism spectrum and to our ethos of inclusion, we have developed an autism awareness programme to support and understand different ways of being and thinking.

Each year group will have the opportunity to participate in autism awareness sessions in the Autumn Term. General awareness of autism will be introduced in Year 7 and in the following years this information will built upon, to include more specific understanding about differences in communication styles and how sensory sensitivity can be challenging.

In Year 10 Peer Mentors can opt to be part of the student ‘autism interest’ group through which student directed assemblies then inform the learning community, including as it does Years 10 and 11.


The Plan is: 

Term & Year Group Session

Autumn Term - Year 7

Introductory autism awareness – 1 hour

Autumn Term - Year 8

Communication - autism awareness – 1 hour

Autumn Term - Year 9

Sensory sensitivity - autism awareness – 1 hour

Spring Term - Years 10 & 11

Awareness assembly delivered by Peer Mentors.

The sessions have been designed in consultation with young people on the spectrum, to include what they think is important in terms of awareness.

There are opportunities for students who are on the autism spectrum to take an active role in delivering the awareness sessions to their peers, should they wish to.

Support is available as required.

For further information or if you have any questions regarding this, please contact Miss Rutter via

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