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Art and Design

Banovallum School has a thriving and successful Art department located within the Creative Arts building. Students are offered the opportunity to explore a wide range of materials, art forms and techniques within their lessons. The study of Art is of a huge importance to young people- It lends itself to a wide range of spiritual, moral, cultural and social studies. Students are encouraged to express themselves through their Art work in addition to engaging with the Art works of others through discussion and analysis. Literacy and Numeracy are both addressed within programmes of study, enabling students to develop their knowledge of these areas.

A dedicated team of teachers are specialists in a variety of creative disciplines and provide students with support and guidance throughout their studies. Students are offered opportunities to view Art in gallery settings in addition to taking part in specialist workshops and attending extra-curricular activities within School. The department has seen outstanding results at GCSE with many students continuing their study of Art post-16 and progressing to a variety of creative careers.

Key Stage 3 

Students in year seven are introduced to the modern art studio space. They work on a number of skills based projects with a range of materials to make experiments in mark making and with colour, line and shape. Observational drawing is a foundation skill and students draw frequently.

Topics in year seven include: Colour, Natural Forms, Illustration and Mechanical Mayhem.

In years eight and nine the students undertake a number of projects. They produce creative work, exploring ideas and recording their experiences. They become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques. Students evaluate and analyse works of art. They study the history of art and get to know about great artists, craft makers and designers

Topics in year eight  include: Art of Other Cultures, Mixed Media, Portraits, Food, Identity and Surrealism.

Key Stage 4 

In years nine, ten and eleven students are offered the opportunity to study GCSE Art and Design and GCSE Photography, both of which have proven to be very popular options. Students will explore the work of artists, photographers and designers in further detail, developing their skills using an extensive range of mediums and techniques.

Assessment for GCSE Art and photography:

  • Student Portfolio 60% of overall grade. The portfolio must show a selection of work undertaken during the programme of study and must include at least one extended project.
  • Externally set assignment 40% of overall grade. Students will receive a question paper in January of year 11. They will select a starting point and prepare for a ten hour exam which will take place in the spring term.

Examination Support

At GCSE level it is vitally important that students spend time outside of their timetabled lessons developing their practical work and broadening their cultural horizons. We encourage students to visit galleries and exhibitions wherever possible in addition to taking photographs and making sketches.