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Banovallum Ghost Walk

Banovallum School Ghost Walk

Banovallum School was a very spooky place to be last night as the students from Year 9 subjected unsuspecting members of the public to their horror stories set around the premises. We heard of alarming scratches after the Head teacher had locked up; bullies getting their comeuppance near the school toilets  and a soldier ghost who, it is said, required a salute years after his death near the site of the school canteen.

Twenty-five students from Year 9 planned and organised the event, following their study of “The Woman in Black” by Susan Hill in lessons. They were required to write and craft stories for the evening but also to plan the routes around school and the tour guide. Many parents commented on the quality of writing and confidence of our young people. One parent said , “the standard of language far exceeded my expectations,” and another noted how nice it was to see so many participating in an after school event.


Ms Nicki Shore