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Banovallum School

Our Vision

At Horncastle Education Trust we believe that every student whatever their background has the right to flourish, to achieve and to succeed and everything undertaken by Horncastle Education Trust should have this ambition at its heartOur aim is to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment to enable all learners to fulfil their potential.

At Banovallum School we have created a united school community which encourages the healthy educational, physical, and personal development of all our students, from the beginning of their journey with us in Year 7 up until they leave us as well rounded young adults in Year 11.

We value endeavour and aim for excellence. Our students’ tenacity and dedication to learning motivates us further as we strive to develop a passion for education and a commitment to co-operative working, exhibited through our varied day-to-day curriculum and offer of extra-curricular activities.

We act on the need to make the lives of our students purposeful, secure, productive and successful. Students are encouraged to follow their passions and fulfil their aspirations through their education, self-discipline, co-operation, and most of all, fun.

Our House Point system in particular is a great way for students to engage in healthy competition by gaining points for their House Team in recognition of their hard work, creativity and positive social interactions.

At Banovallum School we offer the support and guidance for students to become confident in their adult lives as hard-working citizens, able to play a full and positive part in society.