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Banovallum School

Target 9

What do we mean by ‘Target 9’?

Any student who shows an aptitude for a certain subject and in the judgement of the teacher, has the potential to achieve Grade 7 (or equivalent) or above.

Any student, regardless of prior attainment can become a Target 9 student in any of their subjects from Year 7 to Year 11.

What happens for students identified as being, ‘Target 9’?

At subject level

At whole school level

Direction to complete specific stretch and challenge tasks in lessons when appropriate.


Invitation to specific Target 9 revision / intervention sessions.

Students will be given the opportunity to take part in specific extra-curricular activities such as:

·         Higher Project Qualification

·         University visits

·         Leadership opportunities

·         Other relevant activities as and when they become available.



How do students become part of Target 9?

Membership is not fixed as an aptitude may develop over time, or plateau once a certain level is reached. Individual subjects review which students are their ‘Target 9’ group each academic year.

A lot of Target 9 extension activities in lessons will be available to all students, if a student shows aptitude in their work, it is highly likely the class teacher will recommend that student to be identified as ‘Target 9’.

How do students know if they are part of Target 9 and if they are showing an aptitude?

Students identified by a specific subject will be informed of this in a letter sent to both the student and parents/carers.

Target 9 tasks will be indicated by the logo shown above.