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Banovallum School

Supporting Homework

At Banovallum School we have a flexible approach to homework to ensure demands are manageable for both your children and yourselves as parents and carers. All homework tasks and supporting materials are communicated via epraise.

In Years 7 and 8:


  • Students complete an online Bedrock task each week.
  • Students are expected to read for pleasure for a minimum of 20 minutes per day each week.
  • Subjects may occasionally set a compulsory homework task to finish a piece of work, or to revise for a test.
  • A class teacher may set an individual intervention task for students who need additional support to make sure they understand the work.


  • Each subject provides a set of optional challenge tasks each term for students to complete. These tasks provide an opportunity for in-depth studies of topics briefly looked at in class, or to study topics that go beyond the curriculum taught during the school day.

In Years 9, 10, and 11

Compulsory homework is set more regularly once students reach Year 9 to help them develop the skills and knowledge necessary for their GCSE courses.

  • Students continue to complete an online Bedrock task each week in both Years 9 and 10.
  • Individual subjects will set homework on a weekly basis and this could take the form of:
    • Consolidation tasks
    • Revision for RAP Tests or equivalent and formalised revision tasks in the run-up to
    • School exams or GCSEs
    • Flipped learning or equivalent preparatory work
    • Coursework/NEAs
    • Bespoke Intervention Tasks

There are a variety of ways you can help your children with their homework.

If your child tells you they are finding a piece of homework difficult:

  • Students can use the ePraise messaging function to contact their teacher.
  • Subject teachers are happy to meet with any student 1:1 to discuss issues.
  • The Library can be used if computer access is required.
  • Students should make contact with their teacher before the day of submission if they need extra help.

If your child is finding it difficult to engage with homework generally:

  • Encourage your child to check ePraise regularly (you can check this too).
  • Focus on prioritising work by deadline day it is due.
  • Structure evening to allow for homework time – e.g. before dinner? Avoid homework just before bed.
  • Encourage them to ask for help from the teacher if they are stuck.
  • Ask them to explain the task to you and how it links to what they are covering in class.
  • Provide a reward for excellent work?