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Banovallum School

Design Technology & Food

Our intent is to provide a breadth of experience in a wide range of skills areas for all students from Year 7 onwards. Our foundations are focussed on delivering practical and theory skills which will be required to enable every student who opts in for D&T/Food at KS4 to be independent, confident and proficient in all areas. We aim to instil a sense of pride, responsibility and safe working practices at each lesson’s core so pupils can apply knowledge and be creative within a structured environment, preparing them for further learning in the workplace and providing integral life skills.


Years 7 and 8 follow a carousel system covering all three areas of D&T: Food, Resistant Materials and Textiles. These are delivered by fully trained subject specialists in bespoke classrooms with additional DT specific IT Provision to add value.

We offer GCSE D&T through the AQA route from Year 9 onwards, where students experience the demands and are prepared for the controlled assessment (NEA) and the theoretical studies to complete the exam. We run assessments in all years (7-11) to embed the knowledge, identify areas for improvement with each individual and focus our revision plan on personalised areas of study.

We also offer GCSE Food & Nutrition covering a wide range of skills and theory to support successful outcomes. We have an alternative provision route for certain learners who progress better under closer guidance and support, and they study the BTEC Food qualification. To find out more, please view our assessment objectives and learning content here.


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