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Banovallum School

Business Studies

The curriculum for Business Studies allows students to gain a broad understanding of business in the real word encompassing a range of topics focused on six main themes. The course allows for flexibility in using a combination of theory-based lessons as well as participation in events outside the classroom, with a personal project lasting six weeks and developing a range of skills they will take beyond their academic careers.


The curriculum’s structure allows students to grasp a basic understanding of business before exploring in-depth areas that the examinations will focus on. These include Human Resources and Business Operations through to Marketing and Finance. Many topics are intertwined allowing for easier recall and to provide the foundations for answering extended writing pieces.

Enrichment opportunities include a six-week project during which students create their own business before selling at the school’s annual Christmas Fair. A trip is also planned to Cadbury World which encompasses an educational talk and research activity. To find out more, please view our assessment objectives and impacts here.