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Banovallum School

Art & Photography

We intend to provide all students with the opportunity to access Art and Photography by exploring uses of different materials, processes, and ideas, and by learning about the work of various artists within different historical and thematic contexts. We aim to inspire, engage and challenge students to produce exciting and high-quality work. We also organise enrichment opportunities allowing students to access the arts within the wider community. Our curriculum reflects developments in the arts world, and we continue to prepare students for careers within the arts sector.


Our current curriculum incorporates Art, Craft, Design and Photography. We cover various topic areas which are cross-curricular and incorporate elements of different subject areas such as Maths (symmetry), Geography (Arts of other Cultures) and British Values and History. Progression is encouraged through the development of different skills and techniques which results in students becoming more confident and taking ownership of their work. We ensure that all students regardless of ability or background have access to the arts and provide personalised learning to support individual needs. To find out more, please view our Key Stage assessment objectives and impacts here.


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