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Banovallum School


ePraise is our online reward points system which allows staff, pupils and parents to monitor the rewards that students receive. These points may be awarded as a result of hard work, discipline, attitude to learning, or positive social interactions, to name a few examples.

Students can spend their collected praise points in our shop situated in the library, and can buy resources for school such as stationery, sports equipment, canteen rewards and lots more, with 45 items in total currently available.

Students may also choose to transfer their points to donate to a house charity.
When logged in, pupils can see which subject and teacher has rewarded them and which category they received points in. They can view how they are performing by student, year group and house. They also have a handy access to their timetable for a quick reference. As a parent, you can also see this information and set up alerts to your phone when your child receives points in school!

Click here to access ePraise.

 Student and Parent ePraise Introduction

banovallum parent and student epraise introduction.pdf

 ePraise Setup Guide for Parents

epraise parent guide 2023.pdf