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Banovallum School

Drama & Performing Arts

The Drama & Performing Arts Department at Banovallum School aims to provide a breadth of experience in a wide range of drama styles and techniques which will facilitate the development of both practical vigour and academic rigour. Owing to the different starting points for our Year 7, it is anticipated that students will start their journey with a variety of experiences, so understanding will develop with foundation skills and then build within a spiral curriculum. Skills, such as physical, vocal, interpretative, characterisation, personal and evaluative are revisited, re-emphasised and redeveloped each year. Through Drama & Performing Arts we encourage students to develop the soft skills that future employers seek: confidence, communication, co-operation, commitment and creativity.


The innovative Flightpath used within Drama & Performing Arts maps dynamic progression that spans each pupil’s school career, from starting Drama in Year 7 to completing Performing Arts in Year 11. The Flightpath is a synthesis of the Art’s Council 2002 guidance and Pearson’s 12 Steps to Success. The three main skill sets are covered: exploring, performing and responding across the dual-purpose 12 steps, totalling exploration and development of 36 skills. The Flightpath is made up of 72 mastery statements in a mix of student-friendly language and subject-specific terminology, with the aim of a fluent embedding into everyday discourse and honed academic documentation. Cross-curricular links are formed across all creative arts subjects with plans to craft a cumulative installation of work.

To find out more, please view our assessment objectives and learning content here.