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Banovallum School


We take great pride as a school in helping our students progress to the next stages of their lives with confidence, valuable skills and a positive mindset.

Once our students leave us at the end of Year 11, we would very much like to maintain contact with those who have gained valuable education and work experience, so that they may pass on their insights to current students.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to be part of our alumni group.

Scarlet Leverton

Congratulations to our former student,Scarlet Leverton, who has recently opened her own Hair & Beauty salon in Spilsby.

Scarlet Leverton was a recent pupil at Banovallum and we are delighted to share her recent success in opening her own hair and beauty salon in Spilsby.

Scarlet was one of the ‘covid’ GCSE pupils and we feel worked extremely hard in challenging circumstances. In an email to the school, Scarlet's parents wrote, "(her time) was made easier by the  fantastic support from the Banovallum team and for this we say thank you. Her success at school allowed her to go on and follow her dreams."

Jack Deasley

Congratulations to our former student, Jack Deasley who has graduated from Cambridge University with a first-class degree in History and Politics. In a recent email to the school, Jack wrote the following:


Bano Alumni Jack Desley Cambridge Graduation

“I wanted to say thank you because, without you, I would be nowhere near where I am now. This was not just at an academic level, but also, and more importantly, at a personal and social level. You gave me the academic foundations that I’ve built off since and allowed me to get my degree in ‘my way’. A lot of people around me had been taught in a way to relentlessly study in, quite frankly, a not particularly healthy way, but the ethos you teach meant that there was no way I’d be sacrificing my sleep, eating habits, social life, or any other opportunities. That ethos also meant that I took up each and every opportunity I could – and there were plenty – to become not just a better academic, but a better and more well-rounded person.


“It's allowed me to do so many things and be in so many places that ‘people like me’ don’t often get to do or be in – and to develop skills that will set me up for life. I mean, I had a tour of Downing Street last November. I’ve had long chats with former Home Secretaries and Education Secretaries. Even just being able to live the privileged life I have done in Cambridge. They are all opportunities that I never thought I’d have in a million years, and it’s Banovallum that allowed me to have, and embrace, them. I’ll be forever grateful.


“I'm now choosing between Oxford and Cambridge to do a Master’s in modern British history – including a dissertation on education policy. My dissertation this year was on policy on grammar schools and selective areas since the 1990s, and the plan is to build on that and, ultimately, try and contribute in any way I can to the education system I grew up in. I’m not sure what that looks like, but that’s the thinking at the moment!”


Marla Bell

Congratulations to our Y11 leaver this year, Marla Bell, who has signed a 2 year contract with Sheffield United FC. In a recent email to the school, Marla's mother wrote the following:

I just wanted to send a message to thank the school on the whole for the support Marla has received in regards to her football.

She has secured a 2 year contract with Sheffield United under 21 in their PGA programme. 
Marla will continue her learning with a scholarship she has been awarded at Worksop College, working in partnership with Sheffield United.

Please pass on my thanks to Mr Edgar and the PE department for the many authorised absences due to trials and matches during school times.

All the best for the future Marla has really enjoyed her time at Banovallum.

Jo Bell

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