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Banovallum School


We have a five-year curriculum map that involves breaking down the syllabus into six main strands – algebra, number, geometry and shape, ratio and proportion, and probability and statistics. Each year we build students’ skills within each of these strands by exposing them to complex ideas.

Under our new curriculum we focus on small sections of each strand and give students objectives that we aim to complete as we progress through the topic. These are not set in stone and are regularly reviewed as we go so that no student is left behind.

In this way students will feel more and more confident when applying maths skills across the school up until they leave us at the end of Year 11. We aim to give students the knowledge and skills to move on from school with positivity and confidence in maths.


This is a mastery-style curriculum which our teachers have been trained to lead on, and with the new GCSE there is a variety of questions in context, so we have attempted to develop our teaching and resources to support this. To find out more, please view our assessment objectives and learning content here.