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Banovallum School

  • Our History

    Banovallum School: A Short History

    • The Wesleyans opened a day school, converted from a foundry, in 1860
    • It moved to premises in Cagthorpe in 1905
    • It was sold to Lindsey County Council in 1934, when it became Cagthorpe Council School
    • Closed in 1937 and reopened as Horncastle Cagthorpe Senior Council School
    • It became Horncastle Secondary Modern in 1946
    • New buildings were opened in 1963 and the name again changed to Horncastle Banovallum Secondary School
    • The first head was Mr Mark Forster, pictured with some of the staff

    • This began a tradition of the family serving education in the Horncastle area – his son was Head of Sixth Form at QEGS for many years


    Developments over the Years

    • 1963 – School Opened
    • 1971 – Guthlac House opened
    • 2008 – CADT block opened & 2 new science labs were opened
    • 2018 – Canteen enlarged & kitchen refurbished
    • 2021 – Science Labs refurbished
    • 2023 – DofE Hub opened


    Banovallum was the vision and drive of one man -
    Alderman Tom Scholey

    • Campaigned for the building of the school before the war
    • Served as Chair of Governors
    • One of his proudest achievements was Banovallum
    • Another was bringing piped fresh water to Horncastle as part of his role on the council
    • Awarded the CBE in 1970

    We believe the values of Banovallum today are similar to those mentioned in the Earl of Ancaster’s speech on opening the school:

    “There are other qualities we must not overlook… These were the very necessary qualities of character, loyalty, integrity and kindliness towards fellow men.”