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Year 10 Programme

Our careers programme in year 10 is based around preparation for work experience and is run through a number of key elements.

Introduction to work experience – students are given an introductory lesson by Mrs Priestner Careers Co-ordinator) in the autumn term, in which she discusses the importance of work experience, types of placements, expectations etc.  Students are given a booklet about the programme and there is plenty of opportunity to discuss their ideas.

Letters and CV’S are then put together during lesson time for the placements students have chosen, under the guidance of class teachers. These are prepared ready for mock interviews, which are held on the 14th/15th/ 16th March 2017, off the school site with local businesses. Students are given time in lessons and form time to prepare and practice interview technique. We feel this interview process is valuable for students in preparation for the transition from Banovallum, as in a years’ time, they will be attending college, sixth form and apprenticeship interviews.

The EBP Risk Assess all our placements for Work Experience and also come into school to deliver a health and safety talk to students. Time is spent reassuring and making sure students are placed in appropriate work experience settings.

This year, Year 10 will go out on placement from 10th – 14th July 2017.