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I currently work as head of Physical Education at Banovallum School and I have been part of Spitfire since the house system was first introduced.  Initially, this was as a Spitfire tutor and since September 2015 as House Leader.  I am absolutely committed to the role of Spitfire House Leader and I am proud of what the students have achieved and continue to achieve in terms of sporting, creative and academic success. 

The colour blue is associated with loyalty, responsibility and confidence. Many of these qualities are displayed by members of Spitfire house and it is these qualities and more which help them contribute to the wider aspects of the school community. 

Two year ten students were voted in to be House Captains and support the house and myself in all things Spitfire.  They are a dedicated and hardworking team and are committed to making Spitfire the best it can be.

Mrs Emma Sheehan

Head of Spitfire House