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Religion and Worldviews


Religion and Worldviews makes a distinctive contribution to the school curriculum by developing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of humanity. We enable all learners to consider and respond to a range of important questions relating to their own personal development exploring SMSC themes: meaning and purpose of life, the value of everyone’s opinions and beliefs.

We encourage students to explore shared human experiences to help them affirm their own beliefs and practices, religious or secular. We aim to provide opportunities for cross curricular activities and to enable students to know about and understand the beliefs and practices of some of the great religions of the world, particularly those represented in Lincolnshire and the country.

The subject has cross-curricular links with art through art appreciation and symbolism, geography and RMT with work on the environment and sustainability and science with issues linked to life and death. There are numerous links with PHSE, English and History through subject content but also with student’s personal development in discussion work and interchangeable skills.

We provide a safe learning environment where students feel able to voice their ideas, opinions and questions without judgement so they can develop holistically.


Within years 7 and 8 the pupils consider 3 key areas of religion:

  • Expressions of faith
  • Beliefs and teachings about meaning and purpose
  • Ethics and values

These 3 topics are covered in both years in a spiral effect to develop skills, revisit beliefs and practices in greater depth and strengthen students understanding. The topics mean we can teach the students about a concept and introduce a number of religious attitudes rather than teach a religion by itself.

There is much discussion work as well as written but the discussions lend the students to exploring philosophical questions and developing critical awareness of the issues involved within a topic. The debates encourage the students to understand that they have a right to hold different beliefs and these add to their identity.

All students follow on in years 9-11 to complete a GCSE in Religious Studies where they continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world by studying moral issues in a topic format and then complete a course on Christianity and Judaism. They will have prior knowledge of these religions but they will be based within topics and issues rather than beliefs and practices.

Pupils learn through research, discussion, reading, teacher talk, hands on material etc. They are encouraged to develop their writing skills with exam style questions making use of the discussion work to help support and evidence their opinions.

Pupils are encouraged regularly to reflect on their opinions and enhance them through marking by staff and peers. Cognition skills are used with termly tests, quizzes and homework tasks to encourage discussions with other adults and peers. The exam content encourages not only religious beliefs but secular also.


RAW is a subject that links to all careers and has proven to make students more employable as it equips them for key skills encountered in the work place.

We enable our students to become valuable citizens of their community by teaching core life skills and debate key adult issues showing we go above and beyond just aiming for a quality CV. We are enabling students to live a full life as a member of a family, community, society where they can be tolerant, forgiving and confident in their beliefs whatever they may be.

We link to the Prevent strategy throughout all years by teaching pupil’s tolerance and discussing delicate issues openly and correcting misconceptions. We also at GCSE level explore extremism and religious extremism. As a department we promote the 4 parts of British Values by developing individual liberty, mutual respect and being tolerant of opinions and diversity.

Examination Support 

Mrs Hunter (rm20) is available any lunchtime or after school on a Monday or Tuesday

School VLE and WJEC exam board

Useful Websites 

WJEC exam board for past papers and mark schemes

Banovallum School VLE – RE – choose year group

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