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As part of Banovallum School’s commitment to providing holistic support to students on the autism spectrum, we are excited to introduce the opportunity to be a part of a social skills programme called PEERS - Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relationship Skills. To provide further information and answer any questions regarding PEERS, we offer the opportunity for a parent support meeting throughout the course. 

 PEERS  is a research based intervention that has been proven to teach practical skills to socially motivated students in the following areas:

  • Conversation skills-trading information
  • Two way conversations
  • Choosing appropriate friends
  • Appropriate use of humour
  • Entering a conversation
  • Exiting a conversation
  • Get togethers
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Dealing with rejection
  • Bullying and bad reputations
  • Handling disagreements
  • Rumours and gossip

It is a parent assisted 15 week intervention. We recognise that parent partnership is essential to the success of the child. Parents know their children best and the homework the individuals will take home must be done with the support of a parent to ensure that learning takes place and is successful. There will be one group of students from different year groups. There will be no more than 10 students in the group. Support staff will also be involved providing social coaching for the skills being delivered. 

The PEERS course has now been successfully completed by two groups of students. The course has received some very positive feedback from both students and parents and we look forward to inviting some of our ‘graduates’ back to provide role play support for the next group of PEERS students.

For more information please contact V.Rutter at


I loved working with many people and it is a great pleasure to come back any time."

PEERS Student, 2018


Peers has been useful for me to learn how to deal with social situations.

PEERS Student, 2016


PEERS has been fun and challenging, I just loved meeting up every week.

PEERS Student, 2014


PEERS is a great opportunity to learn about different social skills and how to fit these skills into my life..

PEERS Student, 2017


PEERS/Being Me are so valuable to students and families. It has given my child an identity and a sense of belonging. A sense of security within school.

Parent, 2015


PEERS has helped me to speak to my child in a way that makes sense to us both, thank you.

Parent, 2015


PEERS and Being Me has given me a great comfort knowing that my child has got someone and somewhere to go to and be who they are.

Parent, 2017