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Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors at Banovallum School

Our Peer Mentors are a group of Year 11 students who have been specially trained to mentor and provide assistance to students in younger year groups.  They are there to offer advice and support and serve as role models for younger students who are in need of some guidance.  Our Peer Mentors have completed extensive training in how to support other students with academic concerns, social and friendship issues, as well as a range of other worries that our young people may experience.

At Banovallum School, we have found that students value the opportunity to discuss their worries and concerns with a peer.  Often, the Peer Mentor is able to empathise with the student(s) they are supporting and are therefore able to offer appropriate advice to successfully resolve any issues.  Our Peer Mentors also work closely with our Student Support team to ensure the wellbeing of our students remains at the forefront of what they do. 

If you feel your child would benefit from the support of a Peer Mentor, please contact main reception and ask to speak to a member of Student Support.

The peer mentor Roles ;



·         Fundraiser

·         Events

·         Assemblies

·         Student bulletin

·         Notice Board

·         Newspaper

·         Anti – bullying liaison

·         Supporting year 5 & 6 day.

·         Man/patrol designated areas e.g. student support area, canteen line and outside areas.


The peer mentors have been working closely with year 7’s supporting and mediating with any friendship issues at break and lunch time. They recently presented an assembly explaining their roles and where they are positioned around school.