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Key Principals:

  • To provide all students with the necessary education to succeed both mathematically, and support them numerically across the wider curriculum and in life.
  • To excite and enthuse students about mathematical concepts that fall both inside and outside those examined and to link their mathematics to the world around them.

A key part of the maths programme at Banovallum School is centred around building resilience and confidence to enable students to problem solve and work outside their previous comfort zone.  Whenever possible we work with outside agencies such as STEM and AMSP to enhance students' skills and engagement.


Key Stage 3 

The department follows a two year key stage 3 scheme of work.

In Year 7 the main focus of the work will be centred around the topic of number. Students  should have a mastery command of number, particularly in their depth of understanding, in  order that they can progress, That said, number topics stretch right to the very top of the examination scale (grade 9) and students will be introduced to many new concepts as well as reinforcing some old ideas. Students will be assigned a flight path that is specific for maths and helps us to not only track your child’s progress, but also supports us in maximizing the potential of each student.

The teaching in year 7 will be largely topic based, centred around real life situations such as shopping, sport and transport. This enables students to link mathematical concepts to real life.

The curriculum opens up more in year 8 and students will embed their number work from year 7 into the four other key strands of maths:

  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and measures and
  • Probability and statistics

Teaching is primarily by investigation, whereby students discover mathematical ideas and reinforce them through a series of problem solving challenges. These investigations are known as low floor/high ceiling problems, whereby all students can contribute to the solution and work at their own pace and there is no end point. That way students that lack confidence can access the work and students that are gifted are not constrained.

Key Stage 4 

The mathematics department operates a three year key stage 4, cumulating in 3 examinations (one non calculator and two calculator papers) in the summer of year 11. There is no coursework element that counts towards the final grade in mathematics. The school follows the AQA examination board and revision guides, equipment and scientific calculators can be purchased through the school.

Students will be graded on the 9-1 scale whereby 9 is higher than a traditional A* and 1 covers the old F/G grades.

As mentioned earlier, Year 11 students are given priority access to the after school revision sessions, but help is always available for every students that needs support.

Examination Support 

Examination support is available throughout the 5 years at Banovallum School. Students will be shown different revision techniques and encouraged to consolidate their learning from day 1. In mathematics separate books are used for notes and classwork so students can create their own neat revision set of notes and at the end of each topic students will make a revision aid to keep, some examples include,  mind maps, postcards, set of flash cards or videos.

Students will usually be given a key topic list for revision and revision sessions in class time in the run up to internal examinations. Building up those skills and a strong consolidation work ethic will help ensure that students achieve their full potential.

Once in year 11, students may feel more pressure and staff will actively support students both with their mathematical skills and their organisation.

A list of useful mathematical websites is listed in the section below.