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Aims & Objectives

  • To create a learning environment based around computing that is attractive, enjoyable and challenging, where all learners can progress and achieve beyond expectation.
  • To develop learners understanding of IT and computing that will provide them with the skills to continue to study academically and succeed in a digital world.
  • To develop appropriate practical skills, knowledge and independent working
  • To respond to opportunities with increasing competence and independence, retaining a clear understanding of digital safety.

Key Stage 3 

Currently we deliver computing in Year 7 and we aim to deliver a range of skills for students so that they can access all the work they need to across the curriculum.

To do this we run through a number of programmes:

Unit 1 – During the first half term students learn about file structure and Microsoft Powerpoint. We utilise the first few weeks of their time with us to ensure they will be able to use some of the basic computing software that they will have to use across the school on a regular basis.

Unit 2 – During the second half term we teach Basic – this is a computer programming tool and gets students used to computer language and instructions and how commands can lead to images appearing on screen.

Unit 3 – The next 12 weeks are then based around spreadsheets with a Harry Potter theme to engage students. This is to get students working at the same level with regards to using Microsoft Excel to complete formulae’s, draw graphs and data handling. This is really important in terms of getting students some life skills to take away and use in further education or in a working environment.

Unit 4 – The last few weeks will be Basic Flowchart, Dock The Block, Gold Collector & Lightbot - These are games which require logical thinking, planning and programming skills.

Useful Websites

This is a good site for learning coding.

This gives extra practice in coding. It is free but requires the user to create an account with an email address.