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Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other.   John F Kennedy.


Although we are only four weeks in to the academic year, we have, once again, established a clear partnership for success with our talented student body.

It was humbling last week to see eleven candidates for the lead student roles in the school present on an issue important to them in front of a panel of senior staff. The selected topics ranged from “Freedom of Speech” to “Our Place in the Universe” to “How to develop Study Skills”: the standard was remarkably high. Georgia Whitley gave her presentation on “The Banovallum Education System” and she spoke with great passion about how our school works to build confidence and ensure students fully understand their capacity as role models for younger students.

So much of our work at Banovallum centres on student leadership and they don’t have to wait until their final years in school to take on a position of responsibility. A number of students in Year 7 have already achieved their first status of Sports captain and been presented in assembly. Indeed, they have already established their first teams for the House Football and House Netball competitions which are being hard fought and well supported during lunch times this week. In assemblies too, we have appointed representatives to our student council who will work alongside the council at Queen Elizabeth’s school and this week, our Peer Mentors are reminding the school how they can support each other.

As far as the prestigious positions of Head Girl and Head Boy are concerned, our congratulations go to Darcie Degiorgi and Oliver Roberts and to their deputies, Isobel Renner and Daniel Bennison- Pauls. They are a formidable team and have all taken full advantage of the opportunity afforded to them by Banovallum. They will lead the student body during their final year with us and develop further those skills so sought after by employers and universities. As well as a clutch of excellent qualifications, we strive for students to leave us with confidence and aptitude to contribute to society successfully.

These next steps will be very much in mind this week as the school holds its annual Careers Convention. Post 16 providers, universities and employers will all be on hand to inform and guide our students to their next steps. It is the partnerships that enable our success. We will be inviting new applicants to our newly formed Alumni as well so that previous generations can inspire those who follow them at Banovallum.

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