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“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Ghandi

Whilst we acknowledge the era of data driven school accountability, the leaders and governors at Banovallum School endeavour to ensure that students are self-determining , resilient learners who leave school with excellent examination results but also with the life skills necessary to be fulfilled and capable in employment.

I have been hugely impressed in recent weeks by the ownership that Year 11 appear to have taken in their revision and preparation for the public examinations. In particular, this seems to have been driven by the Saturday morning programme that has been offered in partnership with QEGS. Students have engaged well in this extra programme which has required them to come to school on a weekend and work with a qualified mentor to deepen their knowledge. Educational outcomes are not bought and sold, they’re co-produced.

We are rightly proud of the way in which our older students participate responsibly in the leadership of school as a matter of course, but it has been particularly striking over the last few weeks. In the absence of a member of staff on long term sick, our students have, without being asked, organised themselves to manage the library provision for younger students during breaks and lunchtimes. The respect for the area, as it is a collaborative space, has been superb and it gives us great confidence in our leaders of the future.

Year 9 artists have also taken on leadership as we look towards Horncastle Arts and Music Festival next week. Our Creative Arts and Design Technology Department opened its doors to Year 5 students from Horncastle primary on Wednesday as the Year 9s taught portraiture to the younger students. The atmosphere and partnership was fantastic to see and reminds us that education grounded in a vibrant community can be completely inspiring.             May 2017